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The village, known in Anglo Saxon times as Ticceanmersce (Ticca's Marsh), has links to many national historical events including the Civil War and the Gunpowder Plot.

The first poet laureate John Dryden spent his childhood here. The modern day village is a thriving community which boasts a mediaeval church, the site of a mediaeval fortified manor house, a village school, community shop, clubroom, public house, and playing fields with a pavilion. Many of the houses are built of local limestone, several of which are thatched and a number listed.

Recent News and Updates

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    400 Years of Shakespeare

    Celebrations at Tolethorpe Hall

    In the year we celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the Stamford Shakespeare Company is marking the occasion with a production of The Tempest, Shakespeare’s final play, full of magic, treachery and comedy. [...]

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    Grass Cutting

    East Northhants Council Response 

    After receiving complaints about the grass cutting in the village, the Parish Council Clerk contacted the ENC about the grass cutting around the village. This was the reply she received:- [...]

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    Flying Teddies Results (2016)

    And Photos of the Action from the Church Tower

    After another successful Fête it's time to unveil the winners of the Flying Teddies. A total of 90 furry oddities took to the air this year. Most were entered by people from Titchmarsh, but others came from as far away as South Wales and Wiltshire. It was a fairly breezy day and it was therefore no surprise that most of the teddies stayed aloft for considerably longer than last year. In first place was "Summer" from Denford with a time of 61.7 seconds. That's a whopping 20 seconds longer than the winner from 2015! In second place, not far behind, was Claudia Webb's "Dorothy" which managed 52.4. Third place went to "Leo" entered by Phoebe Gill which flew for 46 seconds. [...]

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