Fight Klub Fitness in Titchmarsh

Regular visitors to the Clubroom on Thursday evenings will be familiar with the Carlton's Zumba class. He's been running it for the past 3 years for a dedicated crowd of Titchmartians - both men and women. This summer, however, the Zumba class is taking a break, but not Carlton. He's back next Thursday with an all new class called Fight Klub.

Fight Klub is the new combat inspired fitness phenomenon taking the UK by storm. The workout involves punching and kicking a free-standing punch bag to motivational, highly energetic strongly motivational music. Fight Klub workouts are fun, effective, easy to follow and suitable for all levels of fitness. There will also be core strength work for those who want to develop their six pack!!  More...

Lights Out - 1 million candles

Monday 4th August 2014. Starts at 10:00pm

Lights Out is an invitation to everyone in the UK to turn off their lights from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. leaving on a single light or candle for a shared moment of reflection to mark the 100th anniversary of the date Great Britain entered the First World War.

Titchmarsh PCC has decided that the church floodlights will be turned off and will be holding a candlelit vigil around the War Memorial (in the church if wet)

You are welcome to come and join us. Please bring something to sit on and a candle.

The Royal British Legion have arranged for Special Centenary candles to be sold in Marks & Spencers. These are £4 each and profits from the sale of these candles will be used to support serving members of the Armed Forces, veterans of all ages and their familes. We will have a retiring collection with all proceeds going to the Royal British Legion.

Music in the Marsh

The PFA's annual music evening will be help at the playing fields on the evening of Saturday 23rd August.

More details soon.

BT Broadband Upgrade

If you aren't already aware, BT has plugged Titchmarsh into their expanding fibre optic network. This means you can now upgrade to their blisteringly fast broadband stream. The upgrade package is marketed as "BT Infinity". I had mine switched on today and can confirm it is super-fast. Previously I was lucky to hit speeds of 2mb. After the upgrade it's closer to 40mb!

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Titchmarsh Parish Council

Conclusion of annual audit

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BDO Stoy Hawayd LLP are external auditors appointed by the Audit Commission to carry out an audit of the Parish Council, finances, and processes.   The external auditor completes the annual return certifiying that the end of year audit is complete,…

Allotment newsletter

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May 2014 Tofts and Islington allotment newsletter…

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