Music in the Marsh

The PFA's annual music evening will be help at the playing fields on the evening of Saturday 23rd August.

More details soon.

BT Broadband Upgrade

If you aren't already aware, BT has plugged Titchmarsh into their expanding fibre optic network. This means you can now upgrade to their blisteringly fast broadband stream. The upgrade package is marketed as "BT Infinity". I had mine switched on today and can confirm it is super-fast. Previously I was lucky to hit speeds of 2mb. After the upgrade it's closer to 40mb!

Village Reunion


Over fifty people attended the reunion in the church on the 19th June. Those still living in the village were joined by others who have since left, a few having travelled long distances to be there.

Over tea and cakes they reminisced about old friends and times past, one or two friends meeting up again for the first time in over fifty years.

Old photographs were pored over and soon the stories started to flow. The members of the History Association would have liked to have recorded all the recollections and anecdotes, but such was the buzz of conversation that that was impossible. Some though were recorded and have added to our knowledge of an important period in the village's history. Click here for more...

Flying Teddy Results - 2014

The results of this year's village fete "Flying Teddies" have been posted! Please click on the links below to view the the times of all those who took part. This year the conditions were rather mild with hardly a breath of wind. The winning entry - a bear called Cleo - stayed aloft for just under 58 seconds. Compare this to the more blustery conditions of 2012 when Johnathon Hope's bear flew off over the fields for more than 2 minutes! Read the results here...

Click here to upload your own stories and photos to the Village Blog »

Titchmarsh Parish Council

Conclusion of annual audit

0 Comments Posted 19/06/14

BDO Stoy Hawayd LLP are external auditors appointed by the Audit Commission to carry out an audit of the Parish Council, finances, and processes.   The external auditor completes the annual return certifiying that the end of year audit is complete,…

Allotment newsletter

0 Comments Posted 02/06/14

May 2014 Tofts and Islington allotment newsletter…

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