A list of all the contacts in the village

This website represents a great many different village bodies, groups and venues. If, therefore, we were to post a single contact number, the website administrator would be forced to field a never-ending stream of enquiries and questions. For that reason we have compiled a list of the most useful contact numbers in the community. If you feel a number is missing from the following list, please do not hesitate to suggest it.

Regarding Contact Email Phone
Parish Council Amanda Claxton  
Web Site (Administration) Yvette Hooks   
Web Site (Technical) Antar Howarth 730453
 Titchmarsh Times Mel Chapman  
St Mary's Church  Julia Powell 732283
 Clubroom Bookings  Val Sorrel  735448
 Pavilion & Football Pitch Bookings Adrian Jones  
 Titchmarsh Shop Jane Newman 730727
Police Community Support Officer  Tim Butter   
 Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Louise Benton-Pascoe  
 Footpaths Warden Louise Stokes  
Titchmarsh Village History Ian Curtis  
Titchmarsh Fete  Sylvia Prestwich   
 Marquee Hire Sylvia Prestwich    


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