Organ Project Workshops

Organ Project invites you to take part in the community workshops

Thursday 30th March, 2017 From 6:00pm until 8:00pm St Mary's Church

In the final part of the Titchmarsh Organ Restoration project, all members of the community are invited to take part in workshops with musician and com-poser Duncan Chapman. We are going to collectively compose and perform an opening fanfare for the inaugural concert on April 8th 2017.

There will be two workshops in which the piece will be composed and re-hearsed. They will be on March 23rd and March 30th between 6pm and 8pm at Titchmarsh Church.

All members of the community are invited, whatever their musical skill or experience, to come and take part.

The only requirement from participants is to available to perform at the concert on April 8th 2017.

If you require any more information or detail, please contact Alexa Campbell at Titchmarsh Primary School on or 01832 732874.

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