Poker evening

"he folded faster than Superman on washing day"

Friday 8th January, 2016 From 7:45pm until 11:15pm The Clubroom meeting room

Are you a card shark?  Are you looking for a highly competitive poker group to make your fortune?  If so, then this isn't the event you're looking for; move along.

Join us on the 8th January 2016 for a friendly (very informal) poker tournament evening over a drink or two.  It's purely prize based, so no gambling for money.  You'll need to bring along 3 prizes (worth £3 each) and £4 to cover room hire, plus any drinks and snacks you fancy.  All skill levels welcome (including complete beginners).  If you'd like to join us, speak to me, Philip King, or drop me an email, or reply to this post.

Posted by Philip King on Wed 2nd December, 2015 in General News

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