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As many of you will have noticed the village website is now wearing it's autumn coat! The new colour scheme is actually just one of a number of improvements I have in

troduced to make the site easier for people to use. This includes the introduction of the new editor roles which allow members of the community to each look after a particular page on the site. At the foot of most pages you will now find a box containing the details of the person responsible for its upkeep. If you want to ask that person a question, simply click the link next to their name.

The only downside is that some of the old "community" pages have been removed. These were put in place to provide various groups and village bodies with a platform to promote themselves and their interests via the site. Sadly some of them never did. Their pages were often blank or contained information which was out of date. For that reason it was decided to close the page. This process can be very quickly reversed if someone comes forward to take on the editor role for that page. Simply drop me a line for more details.

News and Event posting remains the same as before. If you want to post an item, simply log in, go to the News or Event page using the links above, then use the orange button to submit your item. It's quick and easy. No one expects you to be a BBC News reporter - just put down the basics and press submit! 

After reading a news item or event notice some people may feel they need more information. You can now send a question directly to the person who posted the item by using the "Ask a Question" box. Your question will then appear under the story. The person who posted the item will receive an email asking them to respond. Click the image on the right for an example.

You will find the Ask a Question box at the end of this item.

Social media plays a huge part in the spread of information these days. To that end I have installed a new Social Media page. This attempts to aggregate much of the Titchmarsh related content available on the web from sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In the case of Facebook, for example, any item posted on the Titchmarsh FB page will now appear on the Titchmarsh web site. I am also hoping to "pipe-in" feeds from other sites of interest - including the local police station. More on this later.

A couple of other features are still in development. These include a noticeboard and "Classified Ad" facility. 

Posted by Site Admin (Antar) on Wed 28th October, 2015 in General News

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Naomi Cooper Thu,29th Oct at 11:57 am (October 29, 2015)

Hi Antar, hope all's well. Has the Music Makers section of the website been removed as I wanted to update it to say we are moving back from the Church to the Pavilion next week. Please could you let me know where I can find it as I can't seem to at the mo or please would you be kind enough to add it again as I do update it when I get the chance and when there is something to say. Many thanks Naomi x


Site Admin (Antar) Thu,29th Oct at 12:59 pm (October 29, 2015)

In reply to: Naomi Cooper at Thu 29th Oct 11:57 am

Hi, Naomi. That's fine. I'll put a page back up and make you the editor. That way you can keep on top of the content. Expect an email soon. :0)

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