Unrecognised walking routes in the village

Titchmarsh History Association is aware of two unrecognised walking routes in the village and are in the process of applying for them to be formally recognised as public rights of way.

The two routes are (1) Bird Lane, from the High Street opposite the Clubroom, up the track where it meets footpath NZ8 and (2) Back Lane from the village sign along the track and through the farm yard to the bottom of North Street.   If you have used these footpaths regularly in the past (the longer ago the better) we invite you to complete an 'evidence form' detailing your use of the route, and also to mark the route on the 'official' map, which should accompany the evidence form.

Each completed form and map (one set per person per route please) should be returned to:-  Terry Higgins, 31 High Street, Titchmarsh NN14 3DF to accompany our official application.    Thank you.

Posted by Sylvia Prestwich on Sat 30th July, 2016 in General News

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Angela Snelling Sun,25th Sep at 3:13 pm (September 25, 2016)

Hi Sylvia,
Angie and I are contributing forms for historic footpath use, should be with you soon.
A query about another footpath: the path following the old railway, from the byway that leads to the nature reserve to join the Thrapston town walk (?). Years ago when I was on the parish council there were some efforts made to have this made official and signposted, but still there are no signposts. Is this an ongoing matter? Any news?
Terry Snelling


Sylvia Prestwich Tue,27th Sep at 11:12 am (September 27, 2016)

In reply to: Angela Snelling at Sun 25th Sep 3:13 pm

Hi Terry,
As far as I know this isn't an ongoing matter, however Thrapston Parish Council may know more.

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