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One of the best features of our village website is you don't need to visit it every day to find out what's going on. That's why we have the Daily Digest. From today, we also have another useful addition to the line-up. You're probably reading it right now. It's called - the Weekly Digest! Unlike the its predecessor, the Weekly Digest is sent out just once a week - every Friday around 7am. It details all of the news items posted on the site over the previous 7 days. It also lists all of the events coming in the week ahead. This should prove a useful reminder for people who like to keep up-to-date with village events - such as the Clive Carter's talk about the Last Pickering Manor House - in the Clubroom tonight

The Weekly Digest isn't the only new feature on the site. We also have the Village List. This is a new private messaging email which is sent to subscribers when there's important news to relay. Unlike the Digests, which mirror news and events posted on, the Village List is for sending out information that we don't want to put on the website. This might include urgent village news, a reminder of a special event or just a request for help erecting a few marquees. It's important to stress that only a small handful of people will be able to send out these updates. To begin with, all such announcements will be in the capable hands of Sylvia Prestwich and you can be certain she will only use it where there is pressing need to do so.*

Everyone who already receives the Daily Digest will now also receive the Weekly Digest. If you want to be on the Village List you will need to login to the website, go to your profile page and subscribe by ticking the appropriate box. Crucially, however, even if you do sign-up, you will only receive messages if you live in Titchmarsh. You can indicate where you live on your profile page. Whilst you're there, you can also unsubscribe from the Digests - if you want to!

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Log-in
  2. Go to your Profile
  3. Scroll down the page and tick the subscribe boxes as appropriate
  4. Click the green button to save

If you can't login, go here to request a new password.

Posted by Site Admin (Antar) on Fri 25th November, 2016 in General News
*Note. One of the reasons why the List has been set-up is for privacy. We live in a very busy village and lots of emails are sent out to different groups of people all the time. Unfortunately, some of these messages - how ever well intentioned - would often include the email details of everyone on the list! This wasn't always appreciated - which is why, if you sign up to the Village List, you can receive the important emails whilst retaining your privacy.

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