Doris Day

Amber Weather Warning For Our Region

Doris arrived in full force on Thursday with reports of fallen trees and road closures following quickly in her wake. As hurricane-force winds battered much of Northants, the met-office issued an amber weather warning:

Some very strong winds are expected on Thursday in association with storm Doris with gusts of 60-70 mph likely, and 70-80 mph on coasts and hills.

Whilst the strongest winds look to be only short-lived, damage to structures, interruptions to power supplies and widespread disruption to travel networks are likely, with a danger of injury from flying debris. Trees are also likely to be damaged or blown over.

Heavy rain is also likely through Thursday as well as some snow over high ground as the system clears eastwards. These may prove additional hazards.

A tree came down near the entrance to Mobile Promotions - on the way out of the village via Islington - blocking the road for several hours. Another was blown over near Bidwell cottages. Elsewhere, as things fell down so others flew up including a large trampoline which was tossed into a hedge!

Meanwhile, an errant parachuting teddy from last year's fete,  finally floated back down to earth in someone's garden. Despite being stuck in a tree for the last 8 months (or up on the church roof) the cuddly toy was in remarkably good condition. Better late than never!

Thankfully Friday promises to be a much calmer day, dry and for the most part quite sunny.


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