Disturbing Episode in Titchmarsh

Gardener Asking for Money

On Tuesday a rather disturbing series of events occurred in our village. At some point during the morning an unmarked white van parked in Tofts Close. The driver got out and approached the row of small bungalows - home to some of oldest residents in Titchmarsh. After knocking on the door the man engaged the occupant in a discussion about the state of her garden which he claimed needed tidying after the recent strong winds. The elderly resident rebuffed this, insisting the council would take care of any issues, but the driver persisted. Thankfully, the lady stood her ground. Undaunted, and despite asking him not to, the driver then decided to call on her 90 year old neighbour. 

A similar confrontation ensued. This time, however, the man asked for money. He claimed he could fix the pensioner's garden for just £120. The lady insisted she did not have such funds, at which point the driver asked about her pension. Under duress, the lady confirmed that her pension would be paid into the bank. The man then said he would go with her to Thrapston to withdraw the funds from the cashpoint.

At some point during this unfolding confrontation the driver got back in his van and drove off, empty handed.

This is a very worrying episode - not least for the residents of Tofts Close. The driver clearly set out to target some of the most vulnerable people in our village and was very persistent in his approach. No-one knows if he will come return. Either way, and without wishing to cause anyone undue alarm, please be vigilant, especially if you live next door to any of the more senior residents in our village.

Posted by Site Admin (Antar) on Thu 2nd March, 2017 in General News

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