Village Shop Vandalised

Break-In Attempt Hours After Police Give Titchmarsh Glowing Report!

At last night's Annual Parish Meeting, local bobby PC Paul Minchinson, praised Titchmarsh for our can-do attitude and sense of community. The village, he said, has one of the lowest rates of crime in the region. We have as many incidents in a year as some local towns experience in a single night. He was particularly impressed with our Facebook page and encouraged villagers to use it more often to report incidents and anti-social behaviour. Our vigilance continues to play a vital role in helping the police prevent and solve local crimes.

So consider the sense of incredulity when,  just a few short hours after hearing this glowing report, the village is stunned by a new and senseless act of vandalism. Last night a rock was thrown at the front windows of the village shop. Thankfully the glass is laminated, so even though the top layer shattered a second toughened sheet remained undamaged. If this was an attempt to gain entry to the premises the would-be thief was out of luck.

Note: Even if they had managed to break in, the notoriously loud alarm (which detects any movement inside the shop) would have alerted local residents.

This is a sad and disappointing episode. However, those of us who were at last night's APM will find some solace in the words of the police. This is a great little community with bags of good spirit and our collective can-do attitude is something to be proud of.

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PC Paul Minchinson
PC Paul Minchinson
Posted by Site Admin (Antar) on Fri 21st April, 2017 in General News

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