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Please Consider Giving a Donation at the Christmas Fayre

If you are visiting the Christmas Fayre in the church this Sunday, please spare a thought for our organ. This remarkable instrument has been at the heart of St Mary's since 1870. Very soon, however, it will be dismantled and completely restored. This will be a lengthy and meticulous operation. It will also be unbelievably expensive.

Thanks to the efforts of Sue Greasley and Jackie Rowe, the church recently secured an £86,900 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. This represents just a small portion of money required to complete the work and the church will need to find the rest through fundraising.

At some point in the future villagers will be able to sponsor their own family organ pipe! Until then, a replica pipe has been set-up inside the church to act as a collection tin - of sorts. There is a coin slot on the front and any donations will be most gratefully received.

To learn more about the organ click here >>

Posted by Site Admin (Antar) on Sat 28th November, 2015 in General News

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