New Year - New Features

New Facilities on the Village Website

As we trot seemlessly into 2016 it's also about time we trotted out some new features for the village website. There are 3 additional facilties on the way to help keep everyone informed at the same time as enabling the community to share more information.

Classified Advertisements
The first is a feature which has been asked for many times. It will soon be possible for users to post their own Classified Advertisements live on the site. If you want to sell your old bed; if you're looking for a new bike, or perhaps want to advertise your dog walking service, you will soon be able to place all the details on our very own online noticeboard. 

There will be 4 types of ads to begin with:

1) For Sale
2) Wanted
3) Services Offered
4) Lost and Found

Others may be added at a later date.

Only registered users will be able to post and view the contact details of advertisements. This gives the system an extra layer of protection and confidentiallity. Look out for the launch in the next few weeks.

Local Business Directory
The second is not so much a new feature but the return of an old one. The Business Directory was a popluar feature of the old site. It listed details of many local businesses and services in the area - from accountants to veterinary surgeries. It had been planned to include a similar feature in the new site when it was re-launched last year but it was decided to wait until such time as it was possible for people to add and edit their own entries. Registered users will be able to do just that in a few weeks from today.

Booking Availability
The final new feature is something we should have had years ago! There are several "bookable" venues in the village including the Clubroom, the Pavilion and, latterly, the Church. Wouldn't it be great if you could go online and see if and when these venues are available to hire? Well perhaps soon you can. We are developing a feature which will show you the dates and times when the Pavilion is booked without you having to phone up and ask. If it proves a success the facility may be expanded to include other venues.

All three new features should be online soon. Keep an eye on the Daily Digest for details.

Posted by Site Admin (Antar) on Thu 14th January, 2016 in General News

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