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The Social Media page on the Village Website has had a little facelift. It was first unveiled back in October last year with the aim of providing a live feed of all the best and most useful Facebook information on one page. Facebook is littered with pages run by local authorities and services. In recent days these pages have proved invaluable to Titchmarsh residents  as they struggled to negotiate the floods. All the latest and most up-to-date travel information was to be found on Facebook. It makes sense, therefore, to pull all that information into one place. On this website, that place is the "Wall".

The Wall currently includes feeds from the following:

Individually, each stream provides useful daily snippets of news. The Cambridgeshire Constabulary, for example, is a great source for travel information on the A14. When aggregated on the same page, these streams combine to provide a wealth of information - especially in a crisis, like the recent floods.

Regsitered users of the site (which includes everyone who receives the Daily Digest) can view the Wall here. Alternatively, use the link next to the Home page button  on the navigation bar at the top of the page. The page is locked and you'll be required to sign-in before you can see the feeds.

Posted by Site Admin (Antar) on Sat 12th March, 2016 in General News

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