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    Time to Spare?

    by Denise Tourle on 26/06/2017

    Have you found that now, for what ever reason, you have a few hours a week to fill. Perhaps you are new to the village and want to find a way to meet people. Do you just want to give something back to the community? Read the full story...

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    Wheatsheaf Shut

    by Site Admin (Antar) on 15/06/2017

    As you may already be aware from the Village Facebook page, the Wheatsheaf has closed it doors for the foreseeable future. Landlady Amy Harding had hoped to keep the pub going until the lease runs out in 3 months time. However, running the business has become increasingly difficult and she simply feels unable to continue. A sign posted on the door of the pub on Tuesday gave some indication of the difficulties she has faced. Read the full story...

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    Fathers'Day and Beyond

    by Denise Tourle on 13/06/2017

    If you are looking for a gift for Dad or Granddad or a little something to take with you on your summer visits to family and friends, TVS could have the answers for you. Amidst all the other delights in stock we have a range of goods that are packaged with the Titchmarsh Village Shop brand. Read the full story...

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    Locals Foil Crime in the Act

    by Site Admin (Antar) on 08/06/2017

    On Thursday morning a couple of plucky locals caught someone in the act of dumping a caravan in Back Lane. At around 7am a 4x4 was seen towing the caravan into the lane by one of the locals. Not long after it appeared to get stuck. Alerted to this suspicious activity, the pair waited until the driver was distracted before making their approach. Thinking quickly, one parked across the entrance of lane whilst the other phoned the police. Read the full story...