Parish Plan

Initial Headline Figures from Survey Data

The following is a selective sample of the Parish Plan data collected via questionnaire in 2014. More detailed and categorised data will added in due course.

Age Range of People Living in Titchmarsh

Range 16-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 80+
Total 20 12 28 77 71 71 34 24
% 5.9 3.6 8.3 22.8 21.1 21.1 10.1 7.1

Gender of People Living in Titchmarsh

48% Male 52% Female

How Long Have People Lived in Titchmarsh

No. of Years <2 2-5 6-10 11-20 20+
Total 25 51 49 96 114
% 7.5 15.2 14.6 28.7 34.0

Prefered Modes of Transport

89% drive at least each week
8% never drive
5% use Connect bus
23% cycle to Thrapston but no one does it weekly or monthly

Traffic Issues

49% want roundabout at A605 but 33% don’t
70% don’t want the Polopit/A14 junction closed
80% don’t want speed bumps
75% wanted speed warning sign
Note: Around 2/3rds didn’t know how to report a road/path repair or who the footpath warden was

Safety & Policing

99% feel safe in village during day. Drops to 87% at night
80% aware of Neighbourhood Watch but only 33% know who their coordinator is
60% agreed enough street lights. Only 25% disagree
Note: Strength of feeling regarding street lighting has changed. Was balanced on the original T2 plan

Housing & Development

29% want more private housing for sale or rent
58% want small developments, only 6% disagree
40% want an affordable house
43% want small industrial units, 11% disagree

The Environment

50% think dog fouling a problem but 31% don’t and 35% wanted dogs banned from the playing field
38% like windfarms but 47% don’t *
47% would support windfarms if the community benefited
*Additionally, 70% of people do not want windfarms around housing but 20% don’t mind


87% happy with website and noticeboards and 79% can easily find out wants happening in the village
66% know someone on the parish council and how to contact the council *
30% use the website to keep up to date with events but only 8% want to contribute
20% follow the website via Facebook
*This figure is the same for church and pavilion but rises to 71% for the clubroom

Parish Council

8% think the PC doesn’t represent the village and the same percentage thinks the PC doesn’t listen *
50% think the PC does a good job (7% don’t) *
40% know how the PC spends the money it receives
* Large percentage 34% and 38% undecided on these questions

Clubroom/Playing Fields

15% of people have never been in the clubroom
70% of villagers have supported the 10k race but only 37% have supported the cycle sportive
49% have gone to Music in the Marsh


34% of people knew the school accepted children from 2yrs and less than 10% had used the school website
9% of people had used the school website

History Group

86% want to pursue reinstating old street names

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